Welcome to KVCA

We will be a market facilitator and a leading institution
for the advancement of venture capital.

Venture capital industry has played a pivotal role in the economic growth
abd development of the nation.

Although whole venture capital industry faced with a crisis as the bubble formed
by venture boom in Year 2000 disappeared, Korean Venture industry is creating
"2nd venture boom" with government's support.

However, there are still formidable challenges to overcome,
such as loan-oriented funding, Inactive Exit Market,
Public fund-oriented capital formation etc.

Korean Venture Capital Association is planning to practice three
intensification strategies; Strengthening professional personnel,
Improving exit market, Expanding private capital to reach the milestone
of hitting 3 trillion won in venture capital investment, and will make
sustainable development of the industry thru them.

Korean Venture Capital Association will continue working and make
every effort to ensure virtuous cycle of venture ecosystem,
and will lead balanced development of venture capital industry
by realizing its growth both in quality and quantity,
and will lead realization of Creative Economy by supporting SMEs and venture business.

Thank you