Mission & Vision


Korean Venture Capital Association was established in 1989 with the objectives of representing Korean venture capital industry and is a member-based organization consisting of over 110 venture capital companies in Korea.

Its mission is not only to promote a more favorable system and vibrant investment environment for the development of the venture capital industry, but also to enhance awareness and understanding of the importance of venture capital to Korean economy. Furthermore , it facilitates interaction among its members as well as communication between the members and key industry participants including institutional investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and so on.

It also strives to promote international networking for the mutual cooperation of the international venture capital community. Moreover, KVCA organizes a range of activities from professional development to raising professional standards across the industry.


Contributing to development of SMEs and Leading realization of the creative economy through the Creation of Market-friendly environment, Strenthening capacity of venture capital and Acheving 3 trillion won in new VC investment.